Brazen Impudence – the secret sauce. We have all read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and had some amazing manifestations and yet you know that there is something missing which will take your manifestation to the next level. I was in this place for 11 years till I started studying the material of Neville Goddard.

It is not very popular in the Law of Attraction community and I do not wish to take any sides here, there is a lot that I have received by following the LoA gurus, however, as I dig deeper into the works of Neville Lancelot Goddard, I am more and more sure that this is the secret ingredient that makes any manifestation show up in the 3D reality as surely as night follows day. So without further ado let’s dig in.

Brazen Impudence – What is it?

So what does brazen impudence mean? Well, let’s take the word ‘brazen’ first. As an adjective it means bold and without shame. For eg. he went about his illegal business with a brazen assurance. As a verb, it means endure an embarrassing or difficult situation by behaving with apparent confidence and lack of shame or in more local language, put a bold face on it. For eg. there was nothing to do but brazen it out. So put together the two words simply mean extreme immodesty or severe boldness.

Have you ever wondered why villains get everything they want very easily while the hero in the movie has to struggle throughout the movie to get it. (I am not honoring the villains here or even asking you to be one, I am only trying to prove a point so please don’t quote me on this :P). The villain does not go into value judgements whether his desires are ethical or not or whether he deserves them or not, he desires something and ensures that he gets it by hook or by crook….rather literally.

And that is what brazen impudence is all about, we are effortless manifestors and it doesnt matter whether we love ourselves, believe in ourselves, believe we deserve it or not, think positive thoughts, negative thoughts or no thoughts, as long as I have a desire and I am willing to have it, the game of manifestation is rigged in our favour.

brazen impudence

“Importunity means demanding persistence a kind of brazen impudence” – Neville Goddard Chapter 22 The Power of Awareness

Examples of Brazen Impudence

The best example that comes to my mind in the real world about Brazen Impudence and not taking “No” for an answer is Steve Jobs. I haven’t personally read his biography but I have heard a lot about the man and watched the movie Jobs. He had the ideal of the iPhone in mind and when his team said they could not make it, he gave them 24 hours to make it failing which he was willing to fire them. Many people think that is arrogance but that is simply not taking “No” for an answer. He is a classic example of someone following his knowing.

neville goddard

A few days back I was asking questions around Neville’s principles and manifesting (If you know me, you know I ask a lot of questions thanks to the amazing tools of Access Consciousness and boy, do I get clarity or what?) and around midnight, my husband got inspired to watch a move for the nth time (Later, he told me he did not know why he started the movie he was actually planning to watch an episode of The Big Bang theory before bed as he usually does and just go to bed – See how manifestation and the concept of everyone is you pushed out works? Well, story for another day)

So, as we were watching this movie the entire concept of Neville’s teachings just made complete sense to me, it was as if I understood each and every one of his lectures within a 3 hour span. So the movie was Chak De India (Of course, it has to be an SRK movie right?). And in the movie, the main actor is a failed and defamed hockey player who decides to comeback as the coach of the Indian womens hockey team to win back his lost glory.

As in any movie, there are a gazillion twists and another gazillion reasons why he cannot and will not win and against all odds, of course he wins. But one thing I couldn’t miss throughout the movie was this air of arrogance and knowing that SRK held, almost as if he had already won (the assumption of the wish fulfilled)

There is a scene where the Sports Association almosts decides not to send the girls because of budget constraints and because they would lose anyway and in the moment SRK does all he can to ensure that they go, even though he has no clue how. Throughout the movie, things keep going awry and then working in his favour and there are moments he even says that he does not know what he is going to do to win, just that he is going to do it.

A third example that I personally love is Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness, one of my favourite movies of all time. Throughout the movie, against all odds, he keeps on keeping on till he gets the job he wants no matter what it takes.

If you watch a movie a second time, you know the end and then when you watch the movie again, you know that no matter what how many twists and turns may happen, in the end, all is well that ends well. That is exactly the way manifestation works.

So never give up, never give in, never quit and don’t take no for an answer.

Q 1. Is there a lecture by Neville Goddard on the topic of Brazen Impudence

Yes. You can find the video lecture here and the written lecture here.

Q 2. Is there an example where Neville used this in his own life?

Yes. Neville was married at age 18 and had a child at age 19 but his wife and he had drifted apart and 16 years later, he fell in love with another woman who he manifested and later went on to marry. The story goes that he would sleep each night in his hotel room and imagine that he was sleeping with the woman he was now in love with in his own apartment, he in one bed and she in another next to him which implied that they were married. At that time, his dancing partner did not want that he should remarry so she connected somehow with his wife and told her to become scarce. However, Neville persisted in his imagination and his wife was caught shoplifting, something she would never do and she was in New York where Neville was and he bailed her out and as a gesture of gratitude she gave him a divorce thanks to which he was able to then get married to the woman he loved.

Q 3. Where in the bible is brazen impudence quoted

It is quoted in two places.

The first one is “Which of you who has a friend would go to him at midnight and say to him, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves, for a friend of mine has arrived on a journey and I have nothing to give him,’ and from inside his house he says, ‘Do not bother me; the door is shut and my children are in bed. I cannot rise and give you anything.’ Yet I tell you, although he will not rise because he is a friend, yet because of his importunity, he will rise and give him whatever he needs.” The word importunity means brazen impudence. In other words, he would not take “no” for an answer! Jesus was not teaching a disciple on the outside how to pray. He was telling you how to adjust your thinking so you will not take “no” for an answer. In the story the friend knew what he wanted. He assumed he had it and continued to assume he had it until his assumption took on the feeling of reality and he got it. This is how you find God in yourself, by being persistent in your assumption.

Then this story is told to show how you should pray and not lose heart: “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor regarded man. There was a widow in that city who came constantly, asking him to vindicate her against her enemies. At first he refused, then he said to himself, ‘Although I neither fear God nor regard man, yet because this woman bothers me I will vindicate her before she wears me out.’ ”Again we see the need for persistence in prayer.

Q 4. Is brazen impudence the same as persistence

Yes and No. Persistence may sometimes have some guilt attached but brazen impudence has no guilt attached. It is more like I want it and I will have it anyhow.

Q 5. When I read Neville’s books and lectures, I get a feeling of anything is possible but then after some time, the feeling is gone and I have a lot of doubt and anxiety and negative things come up around my manifestation. Why is that?

The answer lies in the Chapter 22 of The power of awareness – persistence. And this is backed by brazen impudence. Neville uses words like Creation is finished. It is inevitable. Many would say that this is a form of arrogance and it is but when you look back on your own life and your manifestations, you will know that this is they exact way you manifest. You do not have to be rude to anyone else, it is just an inner knowing that supersedes what you see, hear or feel or anything that others tell you.

Q 6. Are there any success stories with brazen impudence.

Every manifestation story is a success only if there is an air of brazen impudence underlying it, especially when it comes to so called “big” manifestations. You can read a few success stories here.

Q 7. Do I have to use this to manifest my Sp?

Absolutely, as I always say, my husband and I manifested each other way before we both had even heard about manifestation and the principles but when I started reading Neville’s work, I realised that my husband had used the exact SP method to manifest me. Before we officially started dating, we were best friends for two years and even though I had ‘friend-zoned’ him multiple times, he would not take ‘No’ for an answer within himself.

He was in total allowance of the 3d and had his share of doubt with third party also as I was dating his best friend for 6 months but he did not stop persisting and he did not go into value judgements of whether it was right or wrong or whether he deserved it.

For those of you who are wondering that manifesting an SP is going against free will, let me tell you that him manifesting me was the best thing that could have ever happened to me and I thank him every single day for it.

Another example of this is if you watch the hit show The Big Bang Theory in which Leonard literally wears Penny down and in the end she gets married to him and in many ways, it is better for her than for him that they are married. So, in the end, creation takes care of itself as long as you are willing to persist with brazen impudence and not take no for an answer

Q 8. Is there any other teacher out there who taught brazen impudence?

Brazen Impudence. Making up your mind that you have your desire, are what you desire to be and quite literally not taking no for an answer. Rev. Ike said that for something to manifest all you need to do is make up your mind and not take no for an answer.

Q 9. How is this different from the Law of Attraction?

The LoA talks about letting go and surrendering to the universe whereas Neville talks about persisting in your desire till it manifests. Both are extremely different schools of thought and from my experience both work but when it comes to those so called big or important manifestations, we have a lot of negative beliefs and self concepts attached to them and hence persistence is needed until you come to a place of feeling naturalness around your desires

Q 10. Can this be used to change a past event?

To change a past event, we use the pruning shears of revision and yes, you still assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled in the past with the attitude of brazen impudence.

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Are you living your life paycheck to paycheck and always waiting for the next break or vacation? I totally resonate with you. 11 years back, before I got into the magical world of possibilities and manifestation and started gaining an understanding of my own power, I was the same. Infact, I was probably worse. Suicidal and miserable. On the outside, it appeared as if I had it all, I was married to the love of my life, had a dream position in a good company and everything seemed rosey on the outside. But I was dying on the inside. This led me to a journey of self-enquiry in which I explored one school of thought to another to yet another till I realised that I am the operant power of my life and can be, do and have whatever it is I want and even beyond that.

Today my life is just an amazing series of magic, miracles, mysteries, possibilities, serendipities, awe, fun and every other goodness life can provide. A lot changed on the outside but that pales in comparison to the happiness, peace, bliss and oneness I experience on the inside every single day. I am in the process of writing a book “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from” where I will be talking about it all. Here is a sneak peek of the cover for your eyes only

I am super excited about the book which will talks about my journey from religion to spirituality to consciousness and how the challenges in life actually led me to step up and reach out for more. Gratitude is a small term to put into words what my life today is, it is a dream come true.

I have created an 8 week online course where I will be teaching the exact steps I used so that the journey which took me 11 years will take you just 8 weeks. How does it get even better than that? Here is what the course will cover –

Week 1 – The Story of Creation

Week 2 – The Magic of Ho’oponpono

Week 3 – Changing your past

Week 4 – Change your self -concept

Week 5 – Transform all your relationships

Week 6 – Transform your Money reality

Week 7 – Transform your health and body

Week 8 – Be a walking talking meditation

Most manifestation coaches create online programmes where there is very limited email support which is hardly enough. As someone who has struggled with different programmes and coaches and very little direct support over the years, this entire programme will be delivered live and not via recorded videos. You can ask all your questions and I will respond to each of them so that by the end of 8 weeks, you know exactly what is needed to live the exact life of your dreams without a shadow of doubt.

Does this sound like something you were looking for? Would you like to know even more? Here is the course structure in detail.

You can check client testimonials to my other online programmes here

This is what John Fernandes, GM, Ogilvy had to say after just one consultation with me “I contacted Wilma for a tarot reading regarding the way forward for my finances. I got much more than what I asked for. She facilitated me to realize my own subconscious money blocks and empowered me with simple tools and techniques that I can use in my day-to-day life to change my mindset around money and wealth. After the session with her, I have stopped worrying about my finances and my investments are at an all time high. I am very happy I contacted Wilma and I recommend that if you are stuck with any area in your life, don’t hesitate to contact her for facilitation.”

If you are ready to change your life and finally create a dream life you don’t need a vacation from ,click the link below to enroll. Hurry, the programme starts on July 1, 2021. Are you ready?

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After a lot of request from clients, friends and family, I have started working on my first book which goes very well with the mantra for my business – Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.

I have been on this journey of self – inquiry and conscious creation and manifestation for the last 11 years which have been the most satisfying years of my life. When I look back at the past, to a time when I did not know about the law of manifestation, I cannot imagine how my life was and I cannot imagine going back to that life without the knowledge that I have today.

From reading the Secret, to being a spiritual devotee to a guru to my amazing journey with Access Consciousness to now becoming a manifestation coach, the entire journey has been nothing short of spectacular. In this book, I will be revealing my transition from one phase to another, the fears and challenges associated with each phase, how I overcame them, what they taught me and how you can do it much quicker and with much less struggle.

My intention in writing this book is to help millions of people accross the world create a life they don’t need a vacation from because I remember a life when I would be living waiting for my next vacation so that I can finally unwind and the life I live today is a vacation in and of itself and I do not look forward to vacation time. In fact, on my last vacation to Paris, I was actually bored (In just 5 days, can you imagine?) and just wanted to come back and immerse myself in my study of the universe and the laws of life.

Some might think my life is boring on the outside but to be honest, a day binge watching Netflix is my idea of boring. Today, my day is full of learning and experiencing a bit more of the magical realm we call this world and the magical tool we call our body, knowing more about how energy works, how we create the life we create, what drives us, what makes us all unique. I have brilliant conversations with people accross the world aimed at one thing. Creating deliberate lives that we love living and thriving.

If you had told the me 11 years back that I would be writing a book someday, that too, one aimed at changing lives, I would never have believed you. I may not have believed you one year back, when I had already learnt the laws and started implementing them, let alone 11 years back. The ways of life and the God in us never fail to amaze me to this day.

I will be uncovering all this and more in my book. Here is a sneak peek at the book cover –

I am extremely excited and hope to release the book by September 2021. It will be full of super simple and easy tips and techniques to manifest the life of your dreams, which is a vacation in itself.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for my book or would you like me to add something that would make the reading experience more enriching for you. If yes, please comment below and I will do my best to incorporate your ideas and suggestions.

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So, as you know, I have been on the journey of manifestation since the year 2010 and my life has exponentialised in leaps and bounds since then. This is a true story of a client, who prefers to keep her name anonymous and is willing to share her story to inspire others such as herself. For the purpose of this article, let’s say her name is J.

So, J is an Indian housewife, very much like any other, who has been brought up with the understanding that her job is to take care of the home and the kids and the family. When she met me, she was fully satisfied, much like any Indian housewife with two wonderful kids, a husband and family which is taking good care of her and should be. Or so, it would appear. However, J said she is looking for something and has no idea what it is.

I totally resonated. When I learnt about the law of manifestation, I was in the exact same space, everything looked rosy on the outside but I was almost dying on the inside. That was many years back and I have been extremely happy with my life since. So, I told J to begin where I did when I first read the Secret. I told her to make a list of what she wanted.

Well, It was not a surprise to me that she looked shocked. Even appalled. How could she even think of what she wanted? Wasn’t it decided for her by someone else. I explained the law of manifestation to her and we had a couple of sessions where I invited her to look at herself as a separate individual, and that looking at her own needs and wants and showing herself some love does not mean she would be taking away from anyone else.

Sometimes, I sit in wonderment thinking how there is so much abundance available for us and how we still choose to buy into the idea of limitation and sacrifice. And that includes me too, after all these years and doing literally hundreds, if not thousands of practices, to convince myself otherwise. I will not forget the change in J’s facial expressions after she wrote down, her list of wants that very first day when she met me.

Over the next few days, she is a divine being in a human body and as important as anyone else in her life and in the world. The changes in her life and in her health were commendable, but not a surprise to me at all.

She manifested ease in her home life by finally hiring someone to help her out with the household chores and the kids, something that she wasn’t willing to do sooner because she taught it was lazy on her part and would be a burden on her husband financially. She became a better parent as she was less frustrated and her children were happier and said they loved ‘This version of mummy’ way more. She started a YouTube channel where she posted recipes, lifestyle tips, manifestation tips about how the Secret and knowing about manifestation changed her life. She started private book studies where she invited other Indian housewives to learn and practice the laws of manifestation to bring ease in their lives.

The last I spoke to her, she told me she is planning to get certified as a “Heal Your Life” coach and be a catalyst for others to learn to live the way she did. I feel like a proud parent when I hear such success stories.

This is the story of J. There are many others who have learnt these laws and changed their lives for the better. Rhonda’s intention in writing The Secret was to bring joy to billions and that is what she has created in the world. My gratitude to her and her work is unbounded.

Do you have any such success story that you would like to share. Your own or someone else’s? I hope this article inspired you to create a life that you don’t need a vacation from. Please comment below and let us know.

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I quit my corporate job in the year 2013. This was 3 years after I had read The Secret, started on my spiritual exploration and was exploring life further. The day I quit what I thought was my corporate prison, after 9 years of of what had actually started as a 6 month stint to get some cash while I set up my hairstyling business with dreams of finally putting my business out there and becoming an overnight millionaire – another day I will never forget for as long as I live.

I knew I was extremely passionate about what I did and ofcourse, the universe had my back right and I am God in a human body, surely everything will fall in place and stay like that. Right? Well, wrong. I had 5 years of what can only be called some of the most miserable days of my life thinking I had made a huge mistake and almost regretting it every day of my life and yet, shivering with fear at the very thought of getting back to my corporate job. I had to make this work and I had no idea how.

I was the first person in my family who decided to become an entrepreneur and make it big, I had no idea how, I did not personally know anyone who had done it earlier and the feeble attempts at affirmations and visualizations which had worked their magic for me in my corporate life and created one magical effortless manifestation after another, just did not work.

Enter the endless digging and inner work-aholicism. Of course, the background story playing was that my dad had lost his life’s savings in the quest of setting up a decent business and that it is extremely difficult to make it big as an entrepreneur, it involves a lot of risk, people dont pay for your services,….. the list was endless and it was definitely not one which was in favour of the millions sitting in my imagination waiting to create the reality of my dreams.

5 years I struggled, trying my hand at hair styling, then entering the makeup industry. I did have a lot of success in both careers with amazing clients and I finally had the sense of doing what I love which my 9 year corporate job could not give me but the bank account was never the same. It seemed like an endless either/or universe with no way out.

Then finally in the year 2017, I found the two most amazing people who have walked this planet and their creations which changed the manifestation game for me. The first one was Neville Goddard. In the most mysterious ways possible, I met a coach and someone who is now one of my closest friends who taught me Nevillian techniques and told me the magic words Imagination (not thoughts) creates reality. I was so miserable (deja-vu?), the only thing I imagined for myself was being happy and free.

And within a week of being introduced to Neville, I manifested the second person, someone who I am grateful for every moment of my life. I came accross this body of work called Access Consciousness and my life changed to what was to be the happiest time of my life which just till this day keeps getting better and better and better.

But that’s not what this post is about, this post is about my business. Well, October 5 2017 was my first Access Consciousness Bars class and after the first time I got my bars run, I changed the charges for my haircut to 3 times the actual cost. And with a lot of my points of views around business, money and clients gone and equipped with the magical tools of Access Consciousness, the clients started pouring in, I had not one, but 3 thriving businesses. I was a self-employed hairstylist, makeup artist and an Access Consciousness Bars facilitator. And I was the happiest me I could be and so was my bank account.

I started choosing Access classes and each class helped me melt a few more points of views and lies I had bought around money and business. One of the amazing people I know thanks to Access, Simone Milasas who is the business head of this amazing body of work called Access Consciousness, has written a wonderful book called “The Joy of Business” What? Business? And joy? Aren’t these two different things which never co-incide?

Well, she says “Your life is your business”. So what if everything and everyone is willing to contribute to your business?”

If you have any such amazing success stories about manifestations in your business, comment below and let us know more.

Also,if you are in business, a website is your best friend. Yes, a domain and hosting provider. Read this article reviewing one of the best and most affordable domain and hosting providers available to help you decide.

If you are into ecommerce services, do read this blog post about the most common reason for amazon account suspension

Also, check the review of grammarly – Make your writing error free here.

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Manifest job ease – Isn’t that something we all want to manifest? Not just in the job but in every single area of our lives? However, when it comes to work, this is one are that is definitely something that we believe can never be easy. Keep reading to know more about how I moved my entire job situation around to move my own situation from totally miserable (that’s not an exaggeration) to super happy in my corporate job!!!

manifest job ease

My manifestation journey began on September 18, 2010. Yes, it is a date I will never forget because that day changed the entire trajectory of my life. I was a super religious fanatic trying frantically to please a God outside myself and constantly figure out how he could be happy so that I could finally be happy with my life. I had it all, I was married to the love of my life, I was at a great position in a great job which paid me very well, I had a wonderful supportive family, great health, on the outside, it looked as if everything was awesome and it was.

I, on the other hand, was looking for something and had no idea what it was. That led me to ask the one question which changed my life and my only regret after that was Why did I not ask this sooner? The question was “Who am I and why am I here?” I had always been a seeker of the truth and being born in a Catholic family, I thought the solution to all of life’s problems was in the Bible but after reading it numerous times, I had more questions than answers and had no one to turn to for the solution.

At the time, I was trying my hand at a side hustle by doing network marketing for a company called Oriflame. And the very next day, just one day after a teary eyed look at the sky when I first asked the question, I now know I manifested the answer. My upline told me that there is a universe around us which listens to us and gives us what we speak and she told me about the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Manifest job ease – The beginning

I purchased a copy of the book on my way home from work and that is a day I will never forget. I reached home and did not even take my shoes off, I sat near my door and read the entire book, I couldn’t keep it down. That day is etched in my memory for the rest of eternity and is an image which will die with me.

Over the next few days, I put The Secret to the test, especially affirmations and my favourite, visualization. The results were nothing short of spectacular. Within just a a few months, I was moved from my current profile which was a 6 day profile to a 5 day week which had been my ask for 3 years since I had joined my company to a profile that I absolutely loved and adored at the time.

I used to travel to the company in a crowded train during peak hours and I purchased a moped and travel became a piece of cake, I even enjoyed driving my moped to and from work on most days, started listening to audio books during the commute and the worst part of my work day actually became the best part of my work day.

One of the biggest miracles I manifested was getting the boss of my dreams, the best boss I have ever worked with and who is my friend till this day, I even taught him Access Consciousness many years after I quit the job. I manifested a promotion and moving to my dream boss’s team on the same day. We had an employee portal with our names, designations and Reporting Managers name on the first page on login.

The Magic of Creative Visualization

creative visualization

A day before my appraisal, I visualized my designation as one grade higher and in place of my old boss’s name, I visualized the new boss’s name. The very next day, my then reporting manager informed me that I had got a promotion and moved to my amazing new boss’s team. Wow! Talk about fast manifestation!!!

The next two years were some of the best days of my corporate life, it was simply awesome. I enjoyed my journey to work on my moped with the wind in my hair and while listening to audio books I loved on my bluetooth headset; I loved my profile and enjoyed my work so much; I worked less and got more appreciation; my bosses, subordinates, and colleagues were literally the best I could ask for; weekends were off; 10 to 6 meant 10 to 6; I had more fun at work than I did at vacations; we went on the best off sites and too-good-to-be-true or straight-out-of-your-dreams were not just phrases which were something I read in books.

Then, I decided that I would like to move on and do something I love and the next series of manifestations are a story for another day. The number 1 thing that worked for me is continuously chanting “I do what I love and I love what I do”. I used to chant it so often, it almost became like a mantra and I did not even realize when everything slowly became true to it. Like I always say affirmations are magic, don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

I have written this post for those of you who feel stuck in jobs that you hate, either completely or partially. I am living proof that you can have a lot of ease in your job for as long as you like and if you would like to move on, you can move on as well. You can have it all.

If you found this post helpful and would like to share your own success story of job ease, please leave a comment below. I would love to read your experience with The Secret.

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The pruning shears of revision – If there was one single Neville Goddard lecture that the mystic himself recommended, it is this. The world of manifestation can sometimes get overwhelming with a million different modalities and practices and teachers and coaches. In the midst of all this chaos, what if just one practice which takes you less than 20 mins daily is enough to change every aspect of your life and give you complete happiness and peace of mind?

The pruning shears of revision

The pruning shears – God’s ultimate form of forgiveness

the pruning shears forgiveness

So, Neville calls our mind as the Garden of Eden and every thought, feeling and emotion that we hold in it can make the garden beautiful or ugly. As gardeners it is our job to prune the weeds which are the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that we hold either against ourselves or against others (We have already established that there is no other – everyone is you pushed out)

For e.g. If there is someone in your life who is struggling because he is unemployed and told you so during the day. In the night when you go to bed, have a mental conversation with the person where you are congratulating him on getting his dream job. In doing so, you are forgiving the situation, not for him, but for you because everyone who is in your awareness is within you.

Another way of using the pruning shears is the beautiful Hawaiian prayer of ho’oponopono which means to make right and it also functions on the principle that everything that happens within your awareness is your responsibility. Note – It is not your fault, but it is your responsibility and knowing and understanding this makes all the difference.

One of the ways in which we manifest our current state is by thinking about the past all the time, we are always bringing back the bad memories from the past and Neville says thinking of the past is projecting it into the future.

“Do not waste one moment in regret. For to think feelingly of the mistakes of the past is to re-infect yourself” – Neville Goddard.

This technique was also mentioned in the cult movie and book, one of my favorites, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne as you can see in the below excerpt

pruning shears the secret

The pruning shears – My personal experience

the pruning shears neville goddard

I learnt this many years back when I had not even heard of Neville Goddard or of the pruning shears. It was a beautiful and at that time, unbelievable experience for me and the simplicity of it, made me write it off as a one off co-incidence.

I was a very competitive student in school and college, stressing for the exams to the level of burnout. I finished studying in the year 2003 and till the year 2012 (9 years after), I would get really disturbing nightmares where I was going for an exam and would be either unprepared, or would not be able to complete the paper within time, or would not be able to reach the examination hall or something to the effect of non performance.

Now this would terrify me so much, it was almost like the PTSD of all the stress and tension coming right back to me and I would wake up in tears, or in a cold sweat, sometimes almost shivering. This started out with one dream a month and as the years passed, the intensity grew and I would sometimes get various versions of the nightmare upto 3 times a week. It was super uncomfortable and I really wanted this to stop.

So, in the year 2012 when I was at the peak of my spiritual journey and was a member of Tejgyan Foundation – a spiritual organisation which has greatly contributed to who I am today, I asked the God in me for a solution to this problem and fell asleep in the evening, at a very unusual time. It was a short nap during which I almost heard a voice tell me to script my school and college life the way I would have wanted it to be.

I woke up and without another thought, I took my journal and pen and started writing something that, little did I know at the time, would shape the entire trajectory of my life. I wrote as though I was writing an entry in my diary. I wrote that I was a brilliant student through school and college, everyone kept telling me how lucky I was, how I had a photographic memory, how I got the best grades effortlessly, how I was so talented, participated in every dance show, every elocution competition, every debate and always came out first, how I was an instant manifestor, how I looked great in everything I wore, how I was super confident and kept writing.

After that day, I did not get a single nightmare, not even until today, 9 years since. Not only that, I am way more confident, have a great memory and have done extremely well in every endevour I have put my mind to (that I am a multipotentialite and get bored with things super soon is a topic for another day and another article). The changes were so subtle and so automatic, without any effort from my end, it was amazing.

The pruning shears of revision – Techniques

As usual, the number 1 question that everyone has when a new manifestation concept is given is how do I do it? Well, as the God of your reality, would you need a technique to birth your intention? No. Techniques are just tools to get to the shifts required and they are a great way to practice getting into different states of consciousness at the beginner level. Personally, I love using many different techniques as per my mood at the time. But it is important to remember that you are the source and not the technique itself. Use whatever feels easy and fun for you. My mantra is the easier and more fun it is, the more effective it will be.

Some of the techniques that you can use are

1. Visualising the scene in first person during your SATs. Check my article on Creative visualization to know how to do this.

2. Affirming. Affirming the assumptions stating your new scene

3. This is my personal favourite – Scripting.

4. Using the ‘I remember when’ technique

5. Eavesdropping technique.

6. ‘Isn’t it wonderful?’ technique

There are many other techniques that you will find in Neville’s books but these are the main ones especially the first 3 which are easy, fun and get the job done quick. I like scripting the most because it involves all the senses and leaves a lasting impression. I have had 100% success with scripting.

pruning shears Neville Goddard

3 ways where you can use the pruning shears of revision

So, to sum it up, there are 2 ways in which I have used the pruning shears of revision to change everything for me –

  1. Make a list of 100 incidents from your past which annoy you, anger you, irritate you or in Neville’s words cause unlovely feelings within you. Revise each of them in a way that would make you happy and show the people in that incident in a good light.
  2. Re-write your own or some one else’s past in a way that is pleasing to you
  3. Everyday look at each and every interaction you have during the day and when you go to sleep at night, get into a drowsy state and revisit the entire day in a way that shows that everything went in a way that makes you happy. This is the actual pruning shears of revision technique and the most powerful one.

1. Can I find the original pruning shears of revision lecture in Neville Goddard’s own words?

Yes. You can find it here.

2. What does Neville Goddard say about “forgiveness”?

It really is not only the achievement of objectives, but if you do it daily, it will awaken in you the spirit of Jesus, which is continual forgiveness of sin.
In this teaching the sinner should always go free; you will never condemn him, for when the spirit is awake in you you will realize in him there is no condemnation, only forgiveness, and forgiveness is not as man of the world thinks when he omits the actual execution of his revenge. What we mean by forgiveness the identification of the other that we would forgive with the ideal that other wants to embody in the world. And so we do to him what we expect or would like the world to do to us. So whatever I myself would like to embody that is the vision that I must hold of every man that I meet in my world; that no man is to be discarded, every man is to be redeemed, and my life is the process whereby that redemption is brought about. And I do it by simply identifying the other with the ideal I want to externalize in my world.

3. How do I “prune” my day?

Again in the words of NG himself “Now this is how we do it. At the end of my day, I review the day; I don’t judge it, I simply review it. I look over the entire day, all the episodes, all the events, all the conversations, all the meetings, and then as I see it clearly in my mind’s eye, I rewrite it. I rewrite it and make it conform to the ideal day I wish I had experienced. I take scene after scene and rewrite it, revise it, and having revised my day, then in my imagination I relive that day, the revised day, and I do it over and over in my imagination until this seeming imagined state begins to take on to me the tones of reality. It seems that it’s real, that I actually did experience it and I have found from experience that these revised days, if really lived, will change my tomorrows. When I meet people tomorrow that today disappointed me, they will not tomorrow, for in me I have changed the very nature of that being, and having changed him, he bears witness tomorrow of the change that took place within me. It is my duty to take this garden and really make it a garden by daily using the pruning shears of revision.”

To sum it up,

I hope if you do nothing else, you just do this one technique which is a total game changer. I invite you to use it for atleast 3 events in your past. To begin with, do not take the most traumatizing ones, take ones which are mildly uncomfortable and prune them. Let me know your success stories in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

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The Law of Assumption is the best kept secret in the world of manifestation to change your limiting beliefs. Read on to know why this one law can and will change the manifestation game for you. Limiting beliefs in your subconscious being the only reason blocking your manifestations coming to you almost instantaneously, is there any reason why you would not use this powerful law to up your manifestation game. I cannot think of any.

I read of this amazing law in the book The Power of Awareness(Get the kindle edition here for only £ 0.49) by my very favourite manifestation teacher Neville Goddard. Chapter 3 Power of Assumption is a game changer when it comes to limiting beliefs. For years, I struggled with hours of guided meditations, subconscious programming techniques, visualization techniques, journalling and nearly hundreds of other tedious techniques trying to catch and blast my so called deep rooted beliefs failing which all my dreams were but that – just mere dreams.

Last year, I started working with a coach who spoke of Neville techniques a lot and on the call I heard someone say everything is just an assumption and that sentence changed my life. I couldn’t wait to know more about this amazing law and that got into my hands the first ever book I read written by the amazing Neville Goddard. Of course, I devoured it and slowly started understanding how this law works and how to apply it.

Eventually, I started using the word belief interchangeably with the word assumption. After all, that is exactly what a belief is be it positive or negative (though of course, there is nothing positive or negative in the larger scheme of things everything is just a creation and it is only a matter of perspective). As human beings, we are born as a primordial energy, free from all beliefs, labels, devoid of words. As we grow up, we learn language, observe those around us, give meaning to words and eventually to feelings, emotions, sounds, visuals, sensations, situations, things – everything which was but a primordial vibration devoid of definition for us.

So, if our parents said to us that money is hard to come by, that is not a fact, it is just an assumption. If I think I am tall, that is also just an assumption as it is a relative metric. It took my subconscious some convincing and eventually, I learnt to just remind myself all the time, that every single word or so called belief is just an assumption.

So what is the Law of Assumption?

Law of assumption

In the words of Neville Goddard, here is the entire chapter for you. I have come to understand that Neville Goddard would choose his words with a level of deliberate intent designed to nail the point across. So, the law of assumption simply stated says that to create anything in your life you need to assume the state of the wish fulfilled. For eg. If you want to have love in your life, you need to assume that you already have the love you desire and persist in your assumption till it becomes a fact in your reality.

My experience with the Law of Assumption

Neville Goddard

I stumbled upon an understanding of the law of assumption way before I actually read about it in Neville’s book. However, I was only able to apply it last year on my beliefs. So before I even learnt of the Law of Attraction, ( I no longer follow it anymore, after studying Neville, I believe there is no law of attraction as such, and I have replaced it with the term law of manifestation and assumption – topic for another day and another post) I realized that each time I told someone I have great health and I never ever fall ill, I would come down with a fever the next week. It was almost like an exact science.

When I read about the law of attraction in the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, it all started making sense to me. I realized that I had ‘attracted’ the fever by focusing on it but it still did not occur to me that I could use it to change my limiting beliefs. I really wish I had, it would have saved me years of angst trying hundreds of techniques. Well, I am grateful I finally found Neville.

Over the next few years, I learnt a lot of places where I, and many others, were using the law of assumption in a way that got in the way of our manifestations. We called it limiting beliefs.

To quote a few examples – This is my lucky shirt. Cutting hair on Thursdays is inauspicious. A black cat crossing your path means bad luck. I can make money but I can never keep it. I am not good at business. Pride comes before a fall.

Be it a superstition, a belief you picked up from your parents, an astrology reading you believed to be true or any other belief, they are all simply assumptions. If we have picked up so many assumptions along the way which have been limiting us all our lives, why not turn them around to serve us right? Read on.

How I use the Law of Assumption to change my limiting beliefs.

Law of assumption new

Here is my step-by-step method to use the law of assumption to change any belief.

  1. Identify an area of your life which is not working for you
  2. Identify what your thoughts, feelings and emotions are around them. Be as honest and vulnerable as possible. Neville talks about self-observation as the starting point of all true metaphysics in his epic and underrated book The Wealth Mindset. Make a detailed list even if it takes a couple of hours and the list goes into 100s of entries. Trust me, this one time activity is such a game changer, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner.
  3. Now look at each of the entries individually. For each entry, remind yourself that this is not a fact, it is just an assumption. Initially, you may feel like you are lying to yourself but eventually, your subconscious will give in, especially when you realize that it is true that each belief is indeed an assumption. However, acknowledging it and telling yourself that it is an assumption is the most important step
  4. Prove to yourself that this is indeed an assumption by pointing out at least one person in the world who you know does not have the same assumption. For eg. If your assumption is that you need to work hard to make money, you can then point out to celebs and the Kardashians to remind yourself that not everyone works hard for money, in fact, there are a lot of wealthy people who are wealthy only by virtue of the assumption that they deserve to be wealthy and that wealth comes to them easily and naturally.
  5. Now on a separate sheet of paper, write down the opposite assumption. Unlike just sitting and repeating affirmations, most of which create the opposite effect on account of the underlying limiting assumptions which your subconscious has accepted as true, we have now included and even convinced our subconscious in the equation. You will be surprised at how effortlessly your mind accepts the new beliefs now.
  6. Ta – da. We are done. Rinse and repeat as many times as you would like.

To quote another example other than the one mentioned above, if you would like to manifest love in your life and wish to work on the underlying assumptions to effortlessly manifest it, make a list of everything you believe about relationships in general. So if your assumption is that relationships require compromise. First tell yourself, that this is only an assumption. It is not real. This one step itself is so powerful, it is enough.

But we wish to make our subconscious into a magnetic force to manifest our desire. Next, think of someone in your life who has a relationship which is blissful and happy and has everything that you would want in a relationship, if you dont know anyone personally, check some stories on the internet, whatever it takes to make you believe the opposite of your assumption to be true and possible.

So, now your new assumption could be that relationships are blissful and happy or whatever you would like your relationship to be. If this still creates resistance, you could write that blissful and happy relationships are possible because this particular person has such a relationship. That is it. You have successfully replaced one assumption which was coming in the way of your manifestation with another assumption which is now in favour of what you would like to manifest as your reality with relationships.

Yes, it is that simple. I have made many such lists over the last year and changed so many assumptions. I have had the most manifestations last year, more than all the deliberate manifestations I have had in the last 11 years together ever since I got to know of the law of attraction in the year 2010.

For an additional punch, you can use creative visualization techniques to assume that you are the person with the new assumption and act accordingly in your imagination.

So, that is it. I hope this has contributed in making your life as simple as it has made mine. Comment below and let me know how this technique has worked for you or whether you have your own success story with the law of assumption. I love to hear success stories. Till next time, happy manifesting!

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Being an access bars facilitator and CFMW for the last 4 years and using the magical tools of Access Consciousness both for myself and countless others to change our lives we couldnt even imagine possible and with the level of ease and fun that is beyond this reality, I now have a commitment to myself and to consciousness to take these tools out to as may people as possible in the world.

As compared to other modalities, I have realised that there is a very big possibility available to us as practitioners and facilitators, who have embodied the tools and used them to make our lives greater in every aspect. Over the last 2 years, I have been exploring digital marketing and using social media as a means to expanding my Access business and taking it to the world and the possibilities are endless.

I have just completed two life changing courses in digital marketing, one with Digital Deepak, the no. 1 digital marketing guru in India as per google itself and a course in SEO with Sanjay Shenoy, the SEO champ and I would like to use what I have learnt not only for myself, but also to grow the business of facilitators as a community.

Especially when it comes to in person services like running bars, body processes and Bars classes. What I have observed is that most practitioners and facilitators are depending on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing to expand their business. While this is a brilliant way to build your business and a lot of us are doing really well with this option itself, Access as a body of work always asks “What else is possible?”

If we were to let go of our judgements of social media and look at the contribution it has been, continues to be for us, and to our business, what else can we create by using insta reels, FB pop-up groups, landing pages, email marketing, blogs, video content. What if we could use FB, insta, YouTube, email marketing to expand the scope of our receiving and contribution with our business, with Access and with consciousness?

I understand that we are all following the energy and a lot of digital marketing brands in this reality use a lot of form and structure around building the brand which may not be light for us. Which is why after asking many questions to the energy of Access consciousness, the facilitators and the entire body of work itself, I have come up with the brand Business Makeovers with Wilma D’Souza as an extension to my existing brand Life Makeovers with Wilma D’Souza where I will be offering digital freelancing services to you to build your own brand and expand your business using the tools of Access Consciousness and the power of digital marketing.

This is a possibility I myself was looking for two years back when I started my research around digital marketing and started asking questions around how this could contribute to consciousness and us as facilitators. Does this sound like a possibility you have been looking for? If yes, please check my proposal here. You are free to choose one or all of the services outlined within this proposal as may feel light to you. If you are interested in having a quick discussion to explore the possibilities, please book a session using this link.

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The Wealth Mindset by Neville Goddard is perhaps his most underread book and according to me the best book written by him but do you know it defines the entire process of manifestation in just 3 important and crucial steps? That’s the reason why it is a must read book – one of his least spoken and nevertheless, one of the most powerful ones. Honestly, this is the one book that made the entire process crystal clear for me and can do so for you too. Read on to know more…

So the 3 steps are

  1. Self-concept
  2. Definition of Aim
  3. Detatchment.

Once they are laid out, they make so much sense but till I had read this, I was simply working on one or the other part of these 3 and that is the reason most manifestations are delayed. We are all running in different directions, following different techniques, authors or modality but no manifestation is complete without all 3 of these falling into place. Let’s look at each of these in complete detail

Self-concept – The key element of wealth mindset

Self concept

The English letters of the alphabet are very strategically placed where B comes before D which comes before H. Similarly, in the area of manifestation, we must first be in order to do and then have. You cannot have a million dollars unless you first make up your mind to be a millionaire and if it goes the other way round, like we have heard of a lot of lottery winners (Believe it or not, statistics show 70% of lottery winners end up broke and a third go on to declare bankruptcy, according to the National Endowment for Financial Education. Runaway spending, toxic investments and poor accounting can burn through a lucrative windfall in next to no time) So, if you are trying to manifest a lottery win without first working on your self- concept, in the hope that you will never have to think about money again, well, it could work, of course if you apply the laws of manifestation and imagine or speak it into existance, it will happen, it has to as per law. But like Neville always says the purpose of true metaphysics is is to bring about a rebirth or radical psychological change in the individual. Such a change cannot take place until the individual first discovers the self that he would change. 

The only example in the book, albeit an extremely powerful one is that of a Negro who comes to Neville saying that he is at the effect of the colour of his skin and the associated stigma. This person has the self-concept or I amness of a person who is underprivileged and discriminated against because of the colour of his skin. Even though he can barely afford it, he attends Neville’s lectures and goes on to becoming a millionaire by changing his self-concept. It takes him three whole years and at the end he masters the area of manifestation to the level that he knows that everyting is available for him at his command.

This is probably the most difficult concept to grasp and change but once this is changed, the other two are effortless and even inevitable.

Definition of Aim – Wealth mindset is incomplete without this

This is the starting point of all manifestation. Unless we know what it is we truly desire and aim at manifesting it using the power of deliberate intent, we will be at the effect of the events of our life. You may say, it is understood, of course that a well-defined aim is the basis for all manifestastion, however, you will be surprised at the number of struggling manifestors who are groping in the dark simply because they have not defined their aim and are hence not, living in the end as Neville repeats in so many of his lectures.

Detatchment – The main reason wealth mindset itself is not enough

This is the most difficult aspect in all manifestation. Getting detatched from the person you currently are in the process of becoming the person you wish to be. It is a continuous process of evolution and expansion. As creators, we are here to explore, experience, expand, express and in the process evolve. God became man so that man could become God. Unless you detatch from your current state, you will never become your desired state.

This will require to come out of victim mentality, blame, guilt, let go of the past and live as God. This is where the various modalities and spiritual practices aim at taking you, however, most of these modalities are very successful in making you feel good most of the time, however, to completely assume your role as God with the brazen impudence that is a creator’s greatest quality, a combination of each of these 3 techniques is required.

This is why many people who start following Law of Attraction get limited results and once they start following Nevillian techniques with razor sharp focus, manifestations are almost an everyday job and many followers of Neville even talk about instant manifestation.

One of the techniques that I highly recommend, if you are a Neville follower is Creative Visualisation. No SATS (State Akin to Sleep) are complete without the skill of creative visualisation. I highly believe this is one skill every person whether a novice or a stalwart in the area of manifestation will really benefit from developing.

But of course, as long as these 3 are taken care of, your manifestation is inevitable, no matter what technique you use. There is a marked difference in the way Neville Goddard and other LOA teachers look at the entire process of manifestation and explains it using biblical references. Instead of looking at the concept of an external deity or God or universe, he says that God is your own wonderful human imagination which is capable of everything and that consciousness is the only reality and everything is complete within our consciousness

Wealth mindset

The wealth mindset wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the famous Nevillian quotes which is mentioned towards the end of the book as a dream Neville’s wife had “You must stop spending your thoughts, time, and money. Everything in life must be an investment.”

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Neville is known for his amazing simple techniques. Is there any technique he has shared in this book?

In his own words “Those who were not here on Sunday let me remind you it is a very simple technique. As I told you on Sunday, any time that you exercise your imagination, and do it lovingly on behalf of another, you are mediating God to man. So we sit quietly and we simply become imitators of our Father. And He called the world into being by being the thing he would call. And so we sit and we listen as though we heard someone congratulating us on having found what we seek. So we go to the end of the matter and we listen just as though we heard, and we look as though we saw, and we try in this manner to feel ourselves right into the situation of our answered prayer, and there we wait in the silence just for about two minutes, and so they will lower the lights to aid you. And let me remind you if you want to clear your throat, please do so. If you want to shift your position in the chair, do so. Feel as though you are alone at home, because if you don’t and you try not to disturb the neighbor, you will not be able to exercise your imagination on behalf of anyone. So now I will take the chair and just simply listen attentively, just as though you heard. I’ll make you this promise – the day you are very still in mind and really become attentive, you will hear as coming from without what really you are whispering from within yourself.”

Is this book available as an e book or a pdf?

Unfortunately, currently it is not available or compiled as an Ebook or pdf. Only hard copies and audio books are available. It is a compilation of 3 seperate lectures which are ‘Fundamentals, Changing the feeling of “I” and Sound Investments

How does Neville suggest to change the Feeling of the “I”?

Again, in Neville’s own words “And now, how do we go about changing the “I”. First of all, we must discover the “I” and we do this by an uncritical observation of self. This will reveal a self that will shock you. You will be altogether, I wouldn’t say afraid, but ashamed to admit you’ve ever known such a lowly creature. And had it been God Himself who drew near in this despicable form, you would have denied him a thousand times before a single cock would crow. You couldn’t believe that this is the self that you’ve carried around and protected and excused and justified. Then you start changing this self after, by an uncritical observation, you make the discovery of that self. For the acceptance of self is the essence of the moral problem of the world. It is the epitome of a true outlook on life, for it is the sole cause of everything you observe.” The entire article is available here

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