8 week course – Create a life you don’t need a vacation from!!!

Are you living your life paycheck to paycheck and always waiting for the next break or vacation? I totally resonate with you. 11 years back, before I got into the magical world of possibilities and manifestation and started gaining an understanding of my own power, I was the same. Infact, I was probably worse. Suicidal and miserable. On the outside, it appeared as if I had it all, I was married to the love of my life, had a dream position in a good company and everything seemed rosey on the outside. But I was dying on the inside. This led me to a journey of self-enquiry in which I explored one school of thought to another to yet another till I realised that I am the operant power of my life and can be, do and have whatever it is I want and even beyond that.

Today my life is just an amazing series of magic, miracles, mysteries, possibilities, serendipities, awe, fun and every other goodness life can provide. A lot changed on the outside but that pales in comparison to the happiness, peace, bliss and oneness I experience on the inside every single day. I am in the process of writing a book “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from” where I will be talking about it all. Here is a sneak peek of the cover for your eyes only

I am super excited about the book which will talks about my journey from religion to spirituality to consciousness and how the challenges in life actually led me to step up and reach out for more. Gratitude is a small term to put into words what my life today is, it is a dream come true.

I have created an 8 week online course where I will be teaching the exact steps I used so that the journey which took me 11 years will take you just 8 weeks. How does it get even better than that? Here is what the course will cover –

Week 1 – The Story of Creation

Week 2 – The Magic of Ho’oponpono

Week 3 – Changing your past

Week 4 – Change your self -concept

Week 5 – Transform all your relationships

Week 6 – Transform your Money reality

Week 7 – Transform your health and body

Week 8 – Be a walking talking meditation

Most manifestation coaches create online programmes where there is very limited email support which is hardly enough. As someone who has struggled with different programmes and coaches and very little direct support over the years, this entire programme will be delivered live and not via recorded videos. You can ask all your questions and I will respond to each of them so that by the end of 8 weeks, you know exactly what is needed to live the exact life of your dreams without a shadow of doubt.

Does this sound like something you were looking for? Would you like to know even more? Here is the course structure in detail.

You can check client testimonials to my other online programmes here

This is what John Fernandes, GM, Ogilvy had to say after just one consultation with me “I contacted Wilma for a tarot reading regarding the way forward for my finances. I got much more than what I asked for. She facilitated me to realize my own subconscious money blocks and empowered me with simple tools and techniques that I can use in my day-to-day life to change my mindset around money and wealth. After the session with her, I have stopped worrying about my finances and my investments are at an all time high. I am very happy I contacted Wilma and I recommend that if you are stuck with any area in your life, don’t hesitate to contact her for facilitation.”

If you are ready to change your life and finally create a dream life you don’t need a vacation from ,click the link below to enroll. Hurry, the programme starts on July 1, 2021. Are you ready?

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