Brazen Impudence – The #1 secret ingredient to guaranteed manifestation

Brazen Impudence – the secret sauce. We have all read the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and had some amazing manifestations and yet you know that there is something missing which will take your manifestation to the next level. I was in this place for 11 years till I started studying the material of Neville Goddard.

It is not very popular in the Law of Attraction community and I do not wish to take any sides here, there is a lot that I have received by following the LoA gurus, however, as I dig deeper into the works of Neville Lancelot Goddard, I am more and more sure that this is the secret ingredient that makes any manifestation show up in the 3D reality as surely as night follows day. So without further ado let’s dig in.

Brazen Impudence – What is it?

So what does brazen impudence mean? Well, let’s take the word ‘brazen’ first. As an adjective it means bold and without shame. For eg. he went about his illegal business with a brazen assurance. As a verb, it means endure an embarrassing or difficult situation by behaving with apparent confidence and lack of shame or in more local language, put a bold face on it. For eg. there was nothing to do but brazen it out. So put together the two words simply mean extreme immodesty or severe boldness.

Have you ever wondered why villains get everything they want very easily while the hero in the movie has to struggle throughout the movie to get it. (I am not honoring the villains here or even asking you to be one, I am only trying to prove a point so please don’t quote me on this :P). The villain does not go into value judgements whether his desires are ethical or not or whether he deserves them or not, he desires something and ensures that he gets it by hook or by crook….rather literally.

And that is what brazen impudence is all about, we are effortless manifestors and it doesnt matter whether we love ourselves, believe in ourselves, believe we deserve it or not, think positive thoughts, negative thoughts or no thoughts, as long as I have a desire and I am willing to have it, the game of manifestation is rigged in our favour.

brazen impudence

“Importunity means demanding persistence a kind of brazen impudence” – Neville Goddard Chapter 22 The Power of Awareness

Examples of Brazen Impudence

The best example that comes to my mind in the real world about Brazen Impudence and not taking “No” for an answer is Steve Jobs. I haven’t personally read his biography but I have heard a lot about the man and watched the movie Jobs. He had the ideal of the iPhone in mind and when his team said they could not make it, he gave them 24 hours to make it failing which he was willing to fire them. Many people think that is arrogance but that is simply not taking “No” for an answer. He is a classic example of someone following his knowing.

neville goddard

A few days back I was asking questions around Neville’s principles and manifesting (If you know me, you know I ask a lot of questions thanks to the amazing tools of Access Consciousness and boy, do I get clarity or what?) and around midnight, my husband got inspired to watch a move for the nth time (Later, he told me he did not know why he started the movie he was actually planning to watch an episode of The Big Bang theory before bed as he usually does and just go to bed – See how manifestation and the concept of everyone is you pushed out works? Well, story for another day)

So, as we were watching this movie the entire concept of Neville’s teachings just made complete sense to me, it was as if I understood each and every one of his lectures within a 3 hour span. So the movie was Chak De India (Of course, it has to be an SRK movie right?). And in the movie, the main actor is a failed and defamed hockey player who decides to comeback as the coach of the Indian womens hockey team to win back his lost glory.

As in any movie, there are a gazillion twists and another gazillion reasons why he cannot and will not win and against all odds, of course he wins. But one thing I couldn’t miss throughout the movie was this air of arrogance and knowing that SRK held, almost as if he had already won (the assumption of the wish fulfilled)

There is a scene where the Sports Association almosts decides not to send the girls because of budget constraints and because they would lose anyway and in the moment SRK does all he can to ensure that they go, even though he has no clue how. Throughout the movie, things keep going awry and then working in his favour and there are moments he even says that he does not know what he is going to do to win, just that he is going to do it.

A third example that I personally love is Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness, one of my favourite movies of all time. Throughout the movie, against all odds, he keeps on keeping on till he gets the job he wants no matter what it takes.

If you watch a movie a second time, you know the end and then when you watch the movie again, you know that no matter what how many twists and turns may happen, in the end, all is well that ends well. That is exactly the way manifestation works.

So never give up, never give in, never quit and don’t take no for an answer.

Q 1. Is there a lecture by Neville Goddard on the topic of Brazen Impudence

Yes. You can find the video lecture here and the written lecture here.

Q 2. Is there an example where Neville used this in his own life?

Yes. Neville was married at age 18 and had a child at age 19 but his wife and he had drifted apart and 16 years later, he fell in love with another woman who he manifested and later went on to marry. The story goes that he would sleep each night in his hotel room and imagine that he was sleeping with the woman he was now in love with in his own apartment, he in one bed and she in another next to him which implied that they were married. At that time, his dancing partner did not want that he should remarry so she connected somehow with his wife and told her to become scarce. However, Neville persisted in his imagination and his wife was caught shoplifting, something she would never do and she was in New York where Neville was and he bailed her out and as a gesture of gratitude she gave him a divorce thanks to which he was able to then get married to the woman he loved.

Q 3. Where in the bible is brazen impudence quoted

It is quoted in two places.

The first one is “Which of you who has a friend would go to him at midnight and say to him, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves, for a friend of mine has arrived on a journey and I have nothing to give him,’ and from inside his house he says, ‘Do not bother me; the door is shut and my children are in bed. I cannot rise and give you anything.’ Yet I tell you, although he will not rise because he is a friend, yet because of his importunity, he will rise and give him whatever he needs.” The word importunity means brazen impudence. In other words, he would not take “no” for an answer! Jesus was not teaching a disciple on the outside how to pray. He was telling you how to adjust your thinking so you will not take “no” for an answer. In the story the friend knew what he wanted. He assumed he had it and continued to assume he had it until his assumption took on the feeling of reality and he got it. This is how you find God in yourself, by being persistent in your assumption.

Then this story is told to show how you should pray and not lose heart: “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor regarded man. There was a widow in that city who came constantly, asking him to vindicate her against her enemies. At first he refused, then he said to himself, ‘Although I neither fear God nor regard man, yet because this woman bothers me I will vindicate her before she wears me out.’ ”Again we see the need for persistence in prayer.

Q 4. Is brazen impudence the same as persistence

Yes and No. Persistence may sometimes have some guilt attached but brazen impudence has no guilt attached. It is more like I want it and I will have it anyhow.

Q 5. When I read Neville’s books and lectures, I get a feeling of anything is possible but then after some time, the feeling is gone and I have a lot of doubt and anxiety and negative things come up around my manifestation. Why is that?

The answer lies in the Chapter 22 of The power of awareness – persistence. And this is backed by brazen impudence. Neville uses words like Creation is finished. It is inevitable. Many would say that this is a form of arrogance and it is but when you look back on your own life and your manifestations, you will know that this is they exact way you manifest. You do not have to be rude to anyone else, it is just an inner knowing that supersedes what you see, hear or feel or anything that others tell you.

Q 6. Are there any success stories with brazen impudence.

Every manifestation story is a success only if there is an air of brazen impudence underlying it, especially when it comes to so called “big” manifestations. You can read a few success stories here.

Q 7. Do I have to use this to manifest my Sp?

Absolutely, as I always say, my husband and I manifested each other way before we both had even heard about manifestation and the principles but when I started reading Neville’s work, I realised that my husband had used the exact SP method to manifest me. Before we officially started dating, we were best friends for two years and even though I had ‘friend-zoned’ him multiple times, he would not take ‘No’ for an answer within himself.

He was in total allowance of the 3d and had his share of doubt with third party also as I was dating his best friend for 6 months but he did not stop persisting and he did not go into value judgements of whether it was right or wrong or whether he deserved it.

For those of you who are wondering that manifesting an SP is going against free will, let me tell you that him manifesting me was the best thing that could have ever happened to me and I thank him every single day for it.

Another example of this is if you watch the hit show The Big Bang Theory in which Leonard literally wears Penny down and in the end she gets married to him and in many ways, it is better for her than for him that they are married. So, in the end, creation takes care of itself as long as you are willing to persist with brazen impudence and not take no for an answer

Q 8. Is there any other teacher out there who taught brazen impudence?

Brazen Impudence. Making up your mind that you have your desire, are what you desire to be and quite literally not taking no for an answer. Rev. Ike said that for something to manifest all you need to do is make up your mind and not take no for an answer.

Q 9. How is this different from the Law of Attraction?

The LoA talks about letting go and surrendering to the universe whereas Neville talks about persisting in your desire till it manifests. Both are extremely different schools of thought and from my experience both work but when it comes to those so called big or important manifestations, we have a lot of negative beliefs and self concepts attached to them and hence persistence is needed until you come to a place of feeling naturalness around your desires

Q 10. Can this be used to change a past event?

To change a past event, we use the pruning shears of revision and yes, you still assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled in the past with the attitude of brazen impudence.

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