Business Makeovers with Wilma D’Souza – Now offering digital freelancing services for Access Consciousness facilitators and practitioners

Being an access bars facilitator and CFMW for the last 4 years and using the magical tools of Access Consciousness both for myself and countless others to change our lives we couldnt even imagine possible and with the level of ease and fun that is beyond this reality, I now have a commitment to myself and to consciousness to take these tools out to as may people as possible in the world.

As compared to other modalities, I have realised that there is a very big possibility available to us as practitioners and facilitators, who have embodied the tools and used them to make our lives greater in every aspect. Over the last 2 years, I have been exploring digital marketing and using social media as a means to expanding my Access business and taking it to the world and the possibilities are endless.

I have just completed two life changing courses in digital marketing, one with Digital Deepak, the no. 1 digital marketing guru in India as per google itself and a course in SEO with Sanjay Shenoy, the SEO champ and I would like to use what I have learnt not only for myself, but also to grow the business of facilitators as a community.

Especially when it comes to in person services like running bars, body processes and Bars classes. What I have observed is that most practitioners and facilitators are depending on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing to expand their business. While this is a brilliant way to build your business and a lot of us are doing really well with this option itself, Access as a body of work always asks “What else is possible?”

If we were to let go of our judgements of social media and look at the contribution it has been, continues to be for us, and to our business, what else can we create by using insta reels, FB pop-up groups, landing pages, email marketing, blogs, video content. What if we could use FB, insta, YouTube, email marketing to expand the scope of our receiving and contribution with our business, with Access and with consciousness?

I understand that we are all following the energy and a lot of digital marketing brands in this reality use a lot of form and structure around building the brand which may not be light for us. Which is why after asking many questions to the energy of Access consciousness, the facilitators and the entire body of work itself, I have come up with the brand Business Makeovers with Wilma D’Souza as an extension to my existing brand Life Makeovers with Wilma D’Souza where I will be offering digital freelancing services to you to build your own brand and expand your business using the tools of Access Consciousness and the power of digital marketing.

This is a possibility I myself was looking for two years back when I started my research around digital marketing and started asking questions around how this could contribute to consciousness and us as facilitators. Does this sound like a possibility you have been looking for? If yes, please check my proposal here. You are free to choose one or all of the services outlined within this proposal as may feel light to you. If you are interested in having a quick discussion to explore the possibilities, please book a session using this link.

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