How my client manifested total ease as a housewife

So, as you know, I have been on the journey of manifestation since the year 2010 and my life has exponentialised in leaps and bounds since then. This is a true story of a client, who prefers to keep her name anonymous and is willing to share her story to inspire others such as herself. For the purpose of this article, let’s say her name is J.

So, J is an Indian housewife, very much like any other, who has been brought up with the understanding that her job is to take care of the home and the kids and the family. When she met me, she was fully satisfied, much like any Indian housewife with two wonderful kids, a husband and family which is taking good care of her and should be. Or so, it would appear. However, J said she is looking for something and has no idea what it is.

I totally resonated. When I learnt about the law of manifestation, I was in the exact same space, everything looked rosy on the outside but I was almost dying on the inside. That was many years back and I have been extremely happy with my life since. So, I told J to begin where I did when I first read the Secret. I told her to make a list of what she wanted.

Well, It was not a surprise to me that she looked shocked. Even appalled. How could she even think of what she wanted? Wasn’t it decided for her by someone else. I explained the law of manifestation to her and we had a couple of sessions where I invited her to look at herself as a separate individual, and that looking at her own needs and wants and showing herself some love does not mean she would be taking away from anyone else.

Sometimes, I sit in wonderment thinking how there is so much abundance available for us and how we still choose to buy into the idea of limitation and sacrifice. And that includes me too, after all these years and doing literally hundreds, if not thousands of practices, to convince myself otherwise. I will not forget the change in J’s facial expressions after she wrote down, her list of wants that very first day when she met me.

Over the next few days, she is a divine being in a human body and as important as anyone else in her life and in the world. The changes in her life and in her health were commendable, but not a surprise to me at all.

She manifested ease in her home life by finally hiring someone to help her out with the household chores and the kids, something that she wasn’t willing to do sooner because she taught it was lazy on her part and would be a burden on her husband financially. She became a better parent as she was less frustrated and her children were happier and said they loved ‘This version of mummy’ way more. She started a YouTube channel where she posted recipes, lifestyle tips, manifestation tips about how the Secret and knowing about manifestation changed her life. She started private book studies where she invited other Indian housewives to learn and practice the laws of manifestation to bring ease in their lives.

The last I spoke to her, she told me she is planning to get certified as a “Heal Your Life” coach and be a catalyst for others to learn to live the way she did. I feel like a proud parent when I hear such success stories.

This is the story of J. There are many others who have learnt these laws and changed their lives for the better. Rhonda’s intention in writing The Secret was to bring joy to billions and that is what she has created in the world. My gratitude to her and her work is unbounded.

Do you have any such success story that you would like to share. Your own or someone else’s? I hope this article inspired you to create a life that you don’t need a vacation from. Please comment below and let us know.

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