Instant manifestation – Belief or the truth? 1 powerful tip

Is Instant manifestation possible? What are the techniques to manifest your desires at lightning speed? What are the secrets of top manifestors? The reason that this is important is because the universe is always moving at a rapid speed and if it takes a very long time to manifest your desires, you lose interest in them or even lose your trust in the manifestation process altogether. Of course, the benefit is that your manifestations happen at the speed of light and who doesn’t want that right?

In manifestation circles, I often hear people ask the question, “Is instant manifestation possible? What can I do to become an instant manifestor? What should I do so that what I am asking for will show up immediately?”

If you ask me, is instant manifestation possible? The answer is Yes. Infact, there is only instant manifestation. The minute you ask, it is available in the quantum field (or what Abraham Hicks calls the vortex) immediately. Then, why don’t you see it immediately you may ask and rightfully so. In this article, I will give you my two cents about what I have learnt about manifestation and the speed of receiving what you have asked for and my insider manifestation tips for rapid manifestation, if not instant manifestation.

So, how exactly does instant manifestation work?

Instant manifestation

Contrary to popular opinion, as far as manifestation is concerned, it does not matter what you ask for, it matters what you believe about what you ask for. I will be writing a separate post about beliefs, what they are, how they are created, how they help us and how we can actually use them to speed up your conscious manifestations very soon.  For the purpose of this article, let us just understand how things are manifested. When you ask for something, (for the purpose of this, let’s ask for something seemingly insignificant which you can do without and which is neither urgent nor important) say, ten dollars by the next day, the one thing that happens is you see yourself holding the ten dollars in your imagination.

Now, as Neville Goddard says, your imagination is God and what you hold as true in your imagination, is what manifests as your reality. Since this is a very insignificant and unimportant manifestation for you, you ask for it and go about your day and forget about it. As God embodied, whatever you hold as true in your imagination, even for a nanosecond, is what manifests as your reality right? So, within your imagination, every molecule gets to work to bring your ten dollars to you in almost magical ways. And before you know it, on your way to work you may find the ten dollars fallen on the street, or a colleague at work may return the ten dollars they kept forgetting to return, or you may win a scratch card at your favourite café and the prize would be ten dollars!

There are literally a million ways that your desire can come to you, if you allow it to. However, since we live in a 3D reality, the amount came to you in a way that you believed real and possible. I totally believe that if we develop the faith, me included, to know that our desires would appear out of thin air, (as they do magically in some fairy tales’ kind of movies) they will. Because the truth is whatever you are capable of holding as true in your imagination, with a firm faith that your imagination is the only reality which will get manifested, you are capable of bringing into the 3D reality and experience it with your 5 senses.

Now what happens if you ask for a significant amount, say, a thousand dollars. The molecules of the universe are still operationalised and start working to bring it to you. However, as this is something significant to you, you start thinking of the ways in which it could come, thus blocking the million other magical and maybe even quicker ways in which it could come to you. Now since you are restricting your imagination, it can only get created in the way you have imagined, of course. Now since you obviously want the amount to appear in your bank account as soon as possible (again you are restricting the possibility of cash, stocks, gold or any other form in which it can come to you) you start getting the biggest manifestation killer, doubt.

When you doubt, you imagine that you are not going to have the amount. Again, as Abraham Hicks’ says, everything is really two things, the having of it or the lack of it. The first time when you asked for it, your belief and imagination were moving in the direction of the having of it, but now with feelings of desperation, anxiety, lack, doubt, basically, feelings at the lower end of the emotional guidance scale, your beliefs and imagination are now moving in the direction of the lack or the absence of it and now every molecule is just making sure, that that comes true.

This is of course an oversimplification. There are many other beliefs that sway the molecules in different directions. How much time do you believe such an amount will take to manifest in 3D (Note that you did not have any such thoughts while manifesting the ten dollars)? What are the ways in which the amount can come to you and what are the ways that it never could come to you (Ideally, nothing is off limits for the wonderful human imagination which is why it is God)? What action would you have to take for it to come to you (Honestly, it can come to you with zero action and if action is needed, it will be something that will be a lot of fun and ease for you)?

All these thoughts and the resistance to have the amount, coupled with your own self concept of who you are in relation to this manifestation, pushes the amount further and further away from your reach, till one fine day you find yourself saying “This is never going to work, I will never be able to manifest a thousand dollars” Now, this is a thought that you believe a hundred percent, with all your might and with the finality of a life sentence provided by a judge of the supreme court. With this level of belief, it will get manifested instantly…. Well, until you make a different choice and ask for it again.

Instant manifestation technique

How to manifest anything fast

Now, let’s talk about a simple instant manifestation technique. Like I said, every manifestation is actually instant in the quantum field and each time we ask for something, we create a parallel universe where our manifestation exists as a reality. So, let’s just call it a quick manifestation technique or one of the fast manifestation techniques, if you will. This is a very popular method of getting into vibrational alignment with your desires. Get into a very, very comfortable position and ensure that your body is almost immobilised. Get yourself into a sleepy, drowsy state (SATS or State Akin To Sleep as Neville calls it). And now, imagine your desire as something that has already come to pass.

The technique I like the most is having an imaginary conversation with someone I love telling them how easily it got manifested and how thrilled I am. Repeat this in your mind as many times as possible. I like doing this every night before I go to bed and drifting away to sleep while holding that picture in my imagination. This is one of the quickest manifestation techniques. The last thing you need to do is persist in this till it gets manifested and generally, big manifestations happen within a few days or a couple of weeks.

Another quick manifestation technique

There are a few other techniques of how to manifest anything fast. One of them is scripting, another one of my favourite techniques. This technique definitely warrants another complete post; however, it will suffice to say that writing a letter or an imaginary post in your diary or journal of how your desire came to pass in the most magical ways, leaving out the specifics and focusing on how thrilled you are, of course, and making it as real as possible is enough to bring seemingly impossible manifestations to pass. Try this it is a very easy and quick manifestation technique.

Vibrational manifestation

Instant manifestation technique

While getting into vibrational alignment is not a necessity for manifestation, vibrational manifestation is always a better idea because in the long run, learning this art makes you a better manifestor and the way we beings are built, one manifestation is never enough you see.

Creative visualisation techniques are a great way to get into vibrational alignment. See my post on creative visualisation here.

One simple way to know you are a vibrational match to your desires is that you see the angel number 111 everywhere. Being a believer in Nevillian techniques, I do not make angel numbers or signs significant, however, I have always observed that when I am thinking of my manifestations, I often see it a lot. Even if you don’t though, you will manifest your desire with a lot of ease because well, your imagination is God.

Have you had any experiences of instant manifestation, rapid manifestation, or your desires coming to you in magical ways out of nowhere. If you agree with this, leave a comment below. Let us know your feedback, your views, your experiences. Till we meet again, from one manifestor to another. Cheers! Happy manifestations!

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