The Powerful Law of Assumption – 1 secret to change all your limiting beliefs

The Law of Assumption is the best kept secret in the world of manifestation to change your limiting beliefs. Read on to know why this one law can and will change the manifestation game for you. Limiting beliefs in your subconscious being the only reason blocking your manifestations coming to you almost instantaneously, is there any reason why you would not use this powerful law to up your manifestation game. I cannot think of any.

I read of this amazing law in the book The Power of Awareness(Get the kindle edition here for only £ 0.49) by my very favourite manifestation teacher Neville Goddard. Chapter 3 Power of Assumption is a game changer when it comes to limiting beliefs. For years, I struggled with hours of guided meditations, subconscious programming techniques, visualization techniques, journalling and nearly hundreds of other tedious techniques trying to catch and blast my so called deep rooted beliefs failing which all my dreams were but that – just mere dreams.

Last year, I started working with a coach who spoke of Neville techniques a lot and on the call I heard someone say everything is just an assumption and that sentence changed my life. I couldn’t wait to know more about this amazing law and that got into my hands the first ever book I read written by the amazing Neville Goddard. Of course, I devoured it and slowly started understanding how this law works and how to apply it.

Eventually, I started using the word belief interchangeably with the word assumption. After all, that is exactly what a belief is be it positive or negative (though of course, there is nothing positive or negative in the larger scheme of things everything is just a creation and it is only a matter of perspective). As human beings, we are born as a primordial energy, free from all beliefs, labels, devoid of words. As we grow up, we learn language, observe those around us, give meaning to words and eventually to feelings, emotions, sounds, visuals, sensations, situations, things – everything which was but a primordial vibration devoid of definition for us.

So, if our parents said to us that money is hard to come by, that is not a fact, it is just an assumption. If I think I am tall, that is also just an assumption as it is a relative metric. It took my subconscious some convincing and eventually, I learnt to just remind myself all the time, that every single word or so called belief is just an assumption.

So what is the Law of Assumption?

Law of assumption

In the words of Neville Goddard, here is the entire chapter for you. I have come to understand that Neville Goddard would choose his words with a level of deliberate intent designed to nail the point across. So, the law of assumption simply stated says that to create anything in your life you need to assume the state of the wish fulfilled. For eg. If you want to have love in your life, you need to assume that you already have the love you desire and persist in your assumption till it becomes a fact in your reality.

My experience with the Law of Assumption

Neville Goddard

I stumbled upon an understanding of the law of assumption way before I actually read about it in Neville’s book. However, I was only able to apply it last year on my beliefs. So before I even learnt of the Law of Attraction, ( I no longer follow it anymore, after studying Neville, I believe there is no law of attraction as such, and I have replaced it with the term law of manifestation and assumption – topic for another day and another post) I realized that each time I told someone I have great health and I never ever fall ill, I would come down with a fever the next week. It was almost like an exact science.

When I read about the law of attraction in the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, it all started making sense to me. I realized that I had ‘attracted’ the fever by focusing on it but it still did not occur to me that I could use it to change my limiting beliefs. I really wish I had, it would have saved me years of angst trying hundreds of techniques. Well, I am grateful I finally found Neville.

Over the next few years, I learnt a lot of places where I, and many others, were using the law of assumption in a way that got in the way of our manifestations. We called it limiting beliefs.

To quote a few examples – This is my lucky shirt. Cutting hair on Thursdays is inauspicious. A black cat crossing your path means bad luck. I can make money but I can never keep it. I am not good at business. Pride comes before a fall.

Be it a superstition, a belief you picked up from your parents, an astrology reading you believed to be true or any other belief, they are all simply assumptions. If we have picked up so many assumptions along the way which have been limiting us all our lives, why not turn them around to serve us right? Read on.

How I use the Law of Assumption to change my limiting beliefs.

Law of assumption new

Here is my step-by-step method to use the law of assumption to change any belief.

  1. Identify an area of your life which is not working for you
  2. Identify what your thoughts, feelings and emotions are around them. Be as honest and vulnerable as possible. Neville talks about self-observation as the starting point of all true metaphysics in his epic and underrated book The Wealth Mindset. Make a detailed list even if it takes a couple of hours and the list goes into 100s of entries. Trust me, this one time activity is such a game changer, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner.
  3. Now look at each of the entries individually. For each entry, remind yourself that this is not a fact, it is just an assumption. Initially, you may feel like you are lying to yourself but eventually, your subconscious will give in, especially when you realize that it is true that each belief is indeed an assumption. However, acknowledging it and telling yourself that it is an assumption is the most important step
  4. Prove to yourself that this is indeed an assumption by pointing out at least one person in the world who you know does not have the same assumption. For eg. If your assumption is that you need to work hard to make money, you can then point out to celebs and the Kardashians to remind yourself that not everyone works hard for money, in fact, there are a lot of wealthy people who are wealthy only by virtue of the assumption that they deserve to be wealthy and that wealth comes to them easily and naturally.
  5. Now on a separate sheet of paper, write down the opposite assumption. Unlike just sitting and repeating affirmations, most of which create the opposite effect on account of the underlying limiting assumptions which your subconscious has accepted as true, we have now included and even convinced our subconscious in the equation. You will be surprised at how effortlessly your mind accepts the new beliefs now.
  6. Ta – da. We are done. Rinse and repeat as many times as you would like.

To quote another example other than the one mentioned above, if you would like to manifest love in your life and wish to work on the underlying assumptions to effortlessly manifest it, make a list of everything you believe about relationships in general. So if your assumption is that relationships require compromise. First tell yourself, that this is only an assumption. It is not real. This one step itself is so powerful, it is enough.

But we wish to make our subconscious into a magnetic force to manifest our desire. Next, think of someone in your life who has a relationship which is blissful and happy and has everything that you would want in a relationship, if you dont know anyone personally, check some stories on the internet, whatever it takes to make you believe the opposite of your assumption to be true and possible.

So, now your new assumption could be that relationships are blissful and happy or whatever you would like your relationship to be. If this still creates resistance, you could write that blissful and happy relationships are possible because this particular person has such a relationship. That is it. You have successfully replaced one assumption which was coming in the way of your manifestation with another assumption which is now in favour of what you would like to manifest as your reality with relationships.

Yes, it is that simple. I have made many such lists over the last year and changed so many assumptions. I have had the most manifestations last year, more than all the deliberate manifestations I have had in the last 11 years together ever since I got to know of the law of attraction in the year 2010.

For an additional punch, you can use creative visualization techniques to assume that you are the person with the new assumption and act accordingly in your imagination.

So, that is it. I hope this has contributed in making your life as simple as it has made mine. Comment below and let me know how this technique has worked for you or whether you have your own success story with the law of assumption. I love to hear success stories. Till next time, happy manifesting!

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