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I quit my corporate job in the year 2013. This was 3 years after I had read The Secret, started on my spiritual exploration and was exploring life further. The day I quit what I thought was my corporate prison, after 9 years of of what had actually started as a 6 month stint to get some cash while I set up my hairstyling business with dreams of finally putting my business out there and becoming an overnight millionaire – another day I will never forget for as long as I live.

I knew I was extremely passionate about what I did and ofcourse, the universe had my back right and I am God in a human body, surely everything will fall in place and stay like that. Right? Well, wrong. I had 5 years of what can only be called some of the most miserable days of my life thinking I had made a huge mistake and almost regretting it every day of my life and yet, shivering with fear at the very thought of getting back to my corporate job. I had to make this work and I had no idea how.

I was the first person in my family who decided to become an entrepreneur and make it big, I had no idea how, I did not personally know anyone who had done it earlier and the feeble attempts at affirmations and visualizations which had worked their magic for me in my corporate life and created one magical effortless manifestation after another, just did not work.

Enter the endless digging and inner work-aholicism. Of course, the background story playing was that my dad had lost his life’s savings in the quest of setting up a decent business and that it is extremely difficult to make it big as an entrepreneur, it involves a lot of risk, people dont pay for your services,….. the list was endless and it was definitely not one which was in favour of the millions sitting in my imagination waiting to create the reality of my dreams.

5 years I struggled, trying my hand at hair styling, then entering the makeup industry. I did have a lot of success in both careers with amazing clients and I finally had the sense of doing what I love which my 9 year corporate job could not give me but the bank account was never the same. It seemed like an endless either/or universe with no way out.

Then finally in the year 2017, I found the two most amazing people who have walked this planet and their creations which changed the manifestation game for me. The first one was Neville Goddard. In the most mysterious ways possible, I met a coach and someone who is now one of my closest friends who taught me Nevillian techniques and told me the magic words Imagination (not thoughts) creates reality. I was so miserable (deja-vu?), the only thing I imagined for myself was being happy and free.

And within a week of being introduced to Neville, I manifested the second person, someone who I am grateful for every moment of my life. I came accross this body of work called Access Consciousness and my life changed to what was to be the happiest time of my life which just till this day keeps getting better and better and better.

But that’s not what this post is about, this post is about my business. Well, October 5 2017 was my first Access Consciousness Bars class and after the first time I got my bars run, I changed the charges for my haircut to 3 times the actual cost. And with a lot of my points of views around business, money and clients gone and equipped with the magical tools of Access Consciousness, the clients started pouring in, I had not one, but 3 thriving businesses. I was a self-employed hairstylist, makeup artist and an Access Consciousness Bars facilitator. And I was the happiest me I could be and so was my bank account.

I started choosing Access classes and each class helped me melt a few more points of views and lies I had bought around money and business. One of the amazing people I know thanks to Access, Simone Milasas who is the business head of this amazing body of work called Access Consciousness, has written a wonderful book called “The Joy of Business” What? Business? And joy? Aren’t these two different things which never co-incide?

Well, she says “Your life is your business”. So what if everything and everyone is willing to contribute to your business?”

If you have any such amazing success stories about manifestations in your business, comment below and let us know more.

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